“East Hartford CONNects” is the name of East Hartford’s initiative for the Working Cities Challenge, the result of a grant competition organized by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston to promote economic growth in low-income communities.  The Town of East Hartford is a partner in a team led by the East Hartford Public Schools. 

East Hartford Connects Staff 

Yadira Rivera ( Career Navigator) 860-622-5507

Amy Peltier ( Initative Director) 860-622-5508

East Hartford Family Resource Center 

Connect with East Hartford Resource Center. They had many resources that can help you and your family. They are enrolling families now. 

Free Family Literacy Program

Free literacy program for children ages (0-8.) To Register contact 860-622-5355. 

New Scheduled for Rentschler Field

Head out to Rentschler Field to get Free Food, provided by FoodShare. Any questions contact foodshare at 

Free Training with East Hartford Connects

Connect with East Hartford Connect to join their Free Training for a Career. Review your resume, find training opportunities, start a new job search, and be eligible for $200 weekly stipend.